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Yusop Sainen

Yusop Sainen

Welcome to my blog,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am retired man. Nothing much to write about me, been working in OP Plantations for 30 years. I am new to blogging. In my yester years internet business not been widely introduced, only handful of people in Malaysia knows about internet business. Internet those years considered as high class society luxuries. Internet very new to Malaysian, I remembered the first computer I bought using disket OS(IBM). Anywhere thanks to our former PM Dr.Mahathir. The opening of Malaysia Multimedia Super Corridor, open the eyes of Malaysian how important to learn about computer and internet. Multimedia and computer educations introduced to schools and univesities. By 1990 a lot of Colleage giving course of computers, multimedia, internet business and many more course on computers learning.

I started to learn about computer at the age of 40. Even that to me it’s not to late to learn. I have read books on computer, internet and computer programming. At the age of 58 still learning!!

I been exploring many blogs where the blogger some of them very successful in thier internet business. Irfan Khairi inspired me to learn to build my own blog, I bought his E-Book, go step by step, well!! here I am having my own blog. Thanks to Smartzul.

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